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If you wish to contact us, please send an email to edward<at> We endeavour to respond you as quickly as possible, but please keep in mind this is a hobby project, provided at absolutely no cost and done completely in our spare time. A response may take a few days depending on the urgency of your request.


The following guides contain help on the installation, setup and usage of RacePad. The FAQ below contains additional troubleshooting steps. If you continue to encounter issues or have any questions, please drop us a mail.

> Installation and setup guide
Follow this guide for the installation and configuration of the RacePad plugin and application.

> RacePad button mapping guide
Follow this guide to assist you in setting up a controller or keyboard button to control RacePad.

> RacePad Tutorial
This tutorial guides you through the RacePad application, explaining the ways to navigate through the views and what the different elements display.


Q: What devices are supported?
A: RacePad works on any iPad, iPad Pro, iPhone and iPod Touch that runs iOS9.

Q: Which games are supported?
A: rFactor and rFactor 2 have been thoroughly tested. Other rFactor-based games should work as well, such as Automobilista. However, not all games have een tested and. Please report any bugs you encounter and we can try to fix them!

Q: Why do some features not work in rFactor 1?
A: rFactor 1 has a more limited plugin feature set than rFactor 2, and thus some particular features (e.g. DRS and the pit limiter) are not available.

Q: Will RacePad work over the internet?
A: Yes, just be sure to set up your router correctly to forward the port.

Q: Does RacePad support dedicated servers or spectator mode?
A: Yes, although no telemetry data is available.

Q: Why does it take time for the track map to appear?
A: The track map is generated automatically by tracking driver positions. Once a first valid lap has been completed (by any driver), the map is displayed. The map then continues to be refined for another 2 laps. The track is then stored to disk, so that the next time you join a session on this track,

Q: Why does the track map sometimes show artefacts?
A: As the track map is generated by tracking actual player or AI laps, when the cars do not follow the ideal line these 'anomalies' can appear in map. For the "perfect" track map, it's best to load track offline, and (re)generate the track by AI cars.

Q: How can I regenerate the track map?
A: There are two ways.
The easiest - while being connected - is by long pressing the track in the Track or Dashboard view, and tapping the "Regenerate" option.
The alternative - when the game is not running - is by deleting the corresponding track file in the game installation (found in "..\rFactor\RacePad" for rFactor or "..\rFactor2\UserData\player\RacePad" for rFactor 2). The file is named "<track name>-<track length>.rpd".

Q: Why is the tyre prediction sometimes a little bit off?
A: As you would not run tyres until they have been worn down to 0%, we have added some buffer to predict the best time to switch to fresh rubber. By default this buffer is 25%. You can customise this buffer in the settings, to adapt it to the mod you are running. E.g. if you want to change tyres with 60% remaining, set the slider to 60%, and the strategy view adapts itself.

Q: Will RacePad eat up my battery/bandwidth?
A: RacePad has been thoroughly optimised to use as little bandwidth and battery as possible. For longer practice or endurance races it could be recommended to plug in your device to avoid running out of battery.

Q: What happens when I get disconnected from the game through a popup or switch applications?
A: RacePad automatically disconnects from the game when the app goes into the background. By enabling the "Auto connect" feature in the RacePad settings, RacePad attempts to (re)connect when the app becomes active.

Q: Can I connect more than one device simulteneously to the same game, such as an iPad and an iPhone?
A: No, currently RacePad is limited to one connection.

Q: Does RacePad collect or send any (personal) data?
A: No, RacePad does not collect or send any information and only exchanges data with the game.

Q: How do I know a new plugin is available?
A: RacePad automatically notifies you when a new plugin is available.

Q: Why can't I find the "RacePadConfig.txt" or "RacePadLog.txt" files in my rFactor folder?
A: After installing the plugin, be sure to run the game at least once for these files to be created. If they are not created, try to run rFactor as Administrator.


RacePad is made by Edward van Rijn and Antti Hyytiäinen.

Supporting RacePad

RacePad is available for free and made entirely in our spare time. Should you wish the support us or our project, you are always free to buy us a beer by leaving a small donation through Paypal.