Installation and setup guide


Install plugin

-) Place the RacePadPlugin.dll in the corresponding rFactor plugin folder. Generally this is:

Note: rFactor2 can also install data and plugins in a different folder. This folder is chosen during the installation of the game.

Configure plugin

-) RacePad uses 27227 as the default port to communicate with the game, but any other port can be configured. If you wish to use the default port, you can skip to the next section.

-) Make sure you launch the game at least once after installing the plugin. This creates a file called "RacePadConfig.txt" in your rFactor folder.

-) Locate the RacePadConfig.txt file in your rFactor folder and edit it using your favorite text editor.

-) In the file, change the following line to any other port:

-) Save the file.

-) You have to restart the game for these changes to come into effect.

Configure firewall

-) If you are running a firewall, you will need to open the port to ensure RacePad can connect.

-) Open the TCP port (default 27227, or the port you configured in the previous step) for both incoming and outgoing traffic.

-) The general idea is to run RacePad over your local network. If you wish to use RacePad over the internet, ensure you set up your firewall accordingly.

-) You are now done setting up the plugin.


Find computer's IP address

-) RacePad needs to know the local IP address of the computer running rFactor in order to connect.

-) To find the IP address:

-) Alternatively you can find this address through the Control Panel:

-) If you wish to connect RacePad over the internet, type "what is my IP" in Google on the computer running rFactor to find your public IP address. Please note that this likely requires additional router and/or firewall setup for port forwarding to the computer.

Set IP and port in RacePad

-) Now that we have the IP and port of the computer running rFactor, we can set up this information in RacePad. As you will have to close this tutorial to access the settings, please read the steps below before proceeding. You can come back to this tutorial at any time.

-) In the Main menu, underneath the connect button you can see the currently set up IP and port. We are going to change this to your IP and port.

-) Open the Settings menu by tapping the button in the bottom right corner.

-) Fill in the IP found in the previous step. If you are using a port other than the default, also fill in the port you configured in the RacePadConfig.txt file.

-) Launch the game on your computer if not already running and press the Connect button (either from the Settings menu or the Main menu).

-) If everything is set up correctly, you are now connected to the game. The red banner on top disappears and data from the game is displayed.

Congratulations, you can now enjoy RacePad! If however you are experiencing difficulties connecting, there are some troubleshotting steps below.


If you are experiencing issues connecting RacePad to the game, here are some tips.

-) Please check all previous steps to ensure the setup is done correctly.

-) Ensure the iPad/iPhone and the computer running rFactor are connected on the same local network (unless you are connecting over the internet).

-) IP addresses can change (e.g. when restarting your router). To ensure you have a fixed local IP address, you can set up your router accordingly. This tutorial won't go into these details, please refer to one of the many guides available on the internet.

-) In your rFactor directory, a file called "RacePadLog.txt" is created by the plugin containing logging information. These logs may give an indication why the connection failed. If this file is not present, it means the plugin is not running. Check if the plugin is properly installed and enabled in-game (rFactor2 only).

-) When contacting us for support, please provide the "RacePadLog.txt" log file to help us better understand your issue.