RacePad can be downloaded from the App Store by clicking the link below:

RacePad requires a plugin to connect to rFactor. Download the applicable plugin below:
rFactor 2 (32-bit)
rFactor 2 (64-bit)

Follow the installation and setup guide for the installation and configuration of the RacePad plugin and application.

Latest RacePad app version: 1.2.0(17 October 2019)
Latest RacePad plugin version: 3(17 October 2019)

Other plugins

Any other plugins for rFactor 2 besides RacePad are listed below.

Welcome Plugin

This plugin sends a whispered welcome message to drivers entering the dedicated server. It does so by finding the associated dedicated server window, entering the chat message and sending it. It can be used to provide links to a website, to give a brief explanation of the rules, or just to welcome anyone entering the server. Additionally it allows setting weight penalties automatically for drivers entering the server, either based on the driver name or the vehicle class.

For full details, please refer to the thread on the Studio397 forum:

v2.3 Plugin files (32-bit)
v2.3 Plugin files (64-bit)
v2.3 Source code