RacePad button mapping guide

-) RacePad allows input from a button on the controller or keyboard to cycle through the different views. This is very convenient while racing to avoid having to tap or swipe the iPad or iPhone.

-) Two different buttons can be assigned to cycle through the views: one to move to the next view and one to move to the previous view. rFactor and rFactor 2 can be configured separately.

-) The idea is that you select an in-game control in RacePad (e.g. "Quick Chat #06") and then assign a button to this control setting. Whenever you press this button, RacePad switches to the next/previous view.

-) Go to the RacePad settings by tapping the settings button in the main menu. By default no controls are assigned.

-) Tap on the button to configure and select the control you wish to use.

-) In the game, assign a keyboard or controller button to the control you selected in RacePad.

-) That's it! When you are in a session and press this button, RacePad switches views!